| Archive Analysis and Valuation |
Before the quality and market value of an archive, collection or estate can be determined, it must be taken carefully under the microscope. Only when a collection has been thoroughly explored, is a realistic quotation possible. photomarketing systematically inspects all works within a collection, sorting them within an inventory. Through thorough expert analysis and in close coordination with clients, we can determine the true market value of the archive.

| Archive Advice|
Cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and the effects of time can create an unstable environment for an archive. Valuable archives must be effectively protected from such environmental influences as well as from theft and destruction. In many cases a digitalisation of the collection is useful, but with the expert advice of photomarketing all aspects of proper storage and archiving can be considered

| Buying Advice |
The optimisation of a collection spanning many years is a task that requires passion and expertise in addition to the relevant market knowledge. photomarketing knows the international art scene and has excellent links to galleries, museums, collectors and exhibitions worldwide and can help with the consistent development of your collection.

| Network Expertise |
Those who collect, manage and archive art understand the need for an expert by their side. In recent years photomarketing has developed, stable and professional contacts from all areas of the art world including; curators, restorers, auctioneers, book designers, book sales representatives, graphic designers and webdesigners, and knows the right person to contact depending on each individual need.